OCTA: 🤔Crypto Confusion: What’s Next? 🚀

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0:00 Introduction
01:04 The Bad
01:21 Crypto Market Last 7 Days/BTC
01:42 Crypto Market Last 7 Days/US$
02:04 Digital Asset Fund Flows – 7 Weeks Down
02:40 Fear & Greed – Dip to 45
03:05 SPX up – BTC ETH Down last 12 Weeks
04:02 Bitcoin and the 200 WMA
05:00 SOPR Equilibrium at Decision Time
05:54 10K Whales Slow
06:50 Bad Week for the Top 3 – Thank SEC
07:42 Top 50 Last Week – SEC Hurt Alts
08:21 Complete Confusion between SEC and CFTC
09:20 Forbes: Secret Alliance to Destroy Crypto
09:50 Gary Gensler SEC Update – Crypto Fights Back!
11:19 Binance Bringing out Big Guns
11:59 Binance Dips Triggered by Regs
13:11 Binance Balances
13:49 eToro Cuts DASH MANA ALGO and MATIC
14:10 SEC Case Perspective! XRP
14:54 Short on Time?
15:20 The Good
15:23 Stock Market Last 7 Days/US$
15:42 TESLA: 150% in 150 Days
15:55 TSLA Record 13 Green Candles
16:19 Cathie Sells Tesla – BUT only 5%
16:49 Nasdaq vs Bitcoin Despite Run BTC Still Winning
17:21 Despite SEC Moving to ALTSEASON
17:48 Bitcoin Illiquid Supply Hits All-time High
18:47 Performance From Crypto Bottom
21:01 Flows by Asset
22:23 Exchange Inflow by Cohort – 76% STH
23:41 IADSS Fires Chainlink buy at $5.08 / model depicted:
23:58 Chainlink 3 Yr Low
24:47 BTC Holdings as % Market Cap
25:43 #PetroBitcoin precursor
27:08 CPI Ex Shelter – Deflation Risk Next!
28:56 Only 2% of Investors Exp Higher Inflation
29:27 The CPI Breakdown
30:07 Pause to Reflect and Done – 2% Bogey is Close
30:42 Peak Oil Demand Is Almost Here
31:38 The Ugly
31:51 Sahm Rule 18 States & DC in Recession
32:49 Delinquencies Continue to Rise
33:30 More Bankruptcies Looming
34:04 Smarts Robot Vending Machines – Pharma Too


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